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The LDS Gaming Community and Filling a Need

Our goal is to provide a way for people to find others to play games with; people that share the same values and interests. We found that far too often we were in multiplayer games with "randoms" and being subjected to offensive language and humor that left us feeling gross inside. There was a need, and we are here to fill that need. We want to help others avoid inappropriate multiplayer experiences.

Gaming Culture, Just For You

Whether you enjoy watching gameplay videos, listening to gaming podcasts, watching Twitch/YouTube streams and like comedy mixed with your gaming; we hope to provide a cleaner gaming culture and community than what is commonly found out there in the wild.

A Safe Space to Play

The Internet is a wonderful pathway to a lot of good, but there's no way of knowing what type of person is on the other end of a multiplayer connection. We hope that by providing access to dedicated servers that are heavily moderated, we can keep those paths a little brighter.

Lest We Forget

Gaming may be our choice for entertainment, but we understand the importance of our time. Time is our most valuable asset, and as such we should be careful of how much time we are spending on recreation. Though the expansive Minecraft build, accumulated RPG levels or impressive K/D ratio represent real time and effort, may we not neglect the truly important things in exchange for these superficial achievements.

"Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media."

Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority by Elder Richard G. Scott

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