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ARK: The Center

Server Address

Password: honor

Connect to Voice Channel

ARK: The Center

Server is running

Platform: PC

Version: Latest

Roam the prehistoric times with your friends in LDSGamers!

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Server Settings

PvE only.
5x OverrideOfficialDifficulty. Max Wild Dino level is 150
Ichthy's have been removed
Griffin's have been added
8x Egg hatching and Baby Mature Speed.
3x Taming Speed.
3x Supply Crate Loot Quality
4x XP Multiplier.
2x Harvent ammounts.
0.5x Water drains half as fast.
0.5x Nights are twice as fast.
0.4x Baby Cuddling interval
0.125x Mating interval

Mods Enabled:
Reusable Plus - Reusable grappling hooks are bugged as of 275, and have been disabled until a patch is available.
Small Resource Stacks AB
Auto Torch
Structures Plus S+
Homing Pigeon
Death Helper


  1. Do not use profanity
  2. Do not use hacks
  3. Do not troll
  4. Do not grief
  5. Become a dino master
  6. Follow the LDSG Code of Conduct

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